Feb 23 2014 Drummer Mickey Fattorosi lays down bed tracks using his monster Ludwig kit for the songs Only Happy When I'm Drunk and Knocked Down for the upcoming CD Running On Empty. 4 drum tracks done - 6 to go!
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April 6 2014 Initial mixing is
well underway on the first
4 tracks off the upcoming album. We're using the digital
DAW Reason 7, by
Propellerhead - immensely
powerful and very user
April 15 2014 Richard (left) and Mick (finger) are extremely happy to welcome on board Ed (middle) on guitar and Jason (right) on bass to BORRISON IVY!
Watch the fuck out for the
upcoming CD Running On Empty!
April 23 2014 Jay Adkins,
DJ on the NUA Radio Show, plays 4 songs off the first CD on his 'Masterpieces' show. Thanks Jay!
April 30 2014 Lengthy interview with drummer Mickey Fatorossi on tracking the drums for White Collar Worker...
Recent news...
May 7 2014 Eric lays down the vocal tracks for Prisoner In Paradise and All I Asked For. Two down, eight to go!
May 14 2014 Mick (drums) and Richard (guitar and awful guide vocals - thank god Eric is the vocalist!) refresh their memories on the arrangement of Up All Night - destined for the upcoming CD Running On Empty! Haven't played this song in aaaaages!
June 01 2014 Richard checks out Mick's drum kit prior to
re-recording the drums for Only Happy When I'm Drunk. Thank God Richard sticks to guitar and mixing - his drumming makes his singing look good! Ugh!!!
June 10 2014 Get a glimpse into the Behind The Scenes footage of one of the smoothest running, best-rehearsed and most thoroughly organized rock bands doing pre-production on the upcoming CD Running On Empty - due out Nov 2014!
July 1 2014 Bought new preamp and power tubes - couldn't find a (competent) amp tech here on Oahu so bought a bias probe from Eurotubes. GREAT kit, great company, great product, great support. Need to bias your own amp? - contact Eurotubes and do it yourself!
- Richard