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Jan 18 2014 Mickey and Richard test recording equipment during pre-production work on the upcoming album Running On Empty. That ain't Mickey's
drum-kit pictured; it's just the
in-house practice kit at Red
Light Sound Studio Z - good
enough for rehearsing and
testing recording gear.
Feb 23 2014 Drummer Mickey Fattorosi lays down bed tracks using his monster Ludwig kit for the songs Only Happy When I'm Drunk and Knocked Down for the upcoming CD Running On Empty. 4 drum tracks done - 6 to go!
Copyright 2011 - 2014
July 26 2013 Richard (left) talks with KZOO Shirokiya Radio show host Greg MacDonald about the release of the Borrison Ivy CD Just Another Office Job in Honolulu, Hawaii.
April 6 2014 Initial mixing is
well underway on the first
4 tracks off the upcoming album. We're using the digital
DAW Reason 7, by
Propellerhead - immensely
powerful and very user
Recent news...
April 15 2914 Richard (left) and Mick (finger) are extremely happy to welcome on board Ed (middle) on guitar and Jason (right) on bass to BORRISON IVY!
Watch the fuck out for the
upcoming CD Running On Empty!